Just done a complete replacement of my DC IN board on my apple G4 powerbook 12"

Now working as it was before except the power supply I have was from ebay and it does not have a green or orange light when charging or powering the laptop - where can I get a proper charger from or at least the end part so I can solder it onto the current supply I have ( the original ) ?

Also how would I cover that up or is that not possible ( Think I found a tutorial on it some time ago )

Still got one 4.5mm screw left over but I couldn't figure out where it went and nothing is rattling or causing any issues as far as I can tell as the heat sink is firmly seated on the cpu etc so not sure on that one lol.

Either way am chuffed with myself and is a nice accomplishment and saved myself a fair amount of money as well.

If I feel up to it and if I can figure out where that screw went then I might take it apart and put the screw back but other then that its working.

Am considering selling it for no more then 300 and would accept 200 as a minimum but would obviously have to charge P&P if anyone is interested pm me and can reply with more detailed specs.

12" G4 1.5 ghz powerbook with 512mb ram which is upgradable if a 1gb memory module is purchased which should be a lot cheaper now.

It has a 120 gb hard drive as replaced that as the other one was on its way out ( bad sectors etc )

I have the original box, discs etc and has a power supply that works fine with it ( correct wattage , voltage etc ).