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Mac Thread, Mac Server in Technical; We are looking at purchasing a server for our Music Dept(6 Clients) New ground for me, Just wanting a few ...
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    Mac Server

    We are looking at purchasing a server for our Music Dept(6 Clients)
    New ground for me, Just wanting a few pointers before I go and speak to suppliers. Would a Mac mini run Mac OS X Server? Licensing costs? any other factors to be looking out for?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you go for the mac mini, you're rather more restricted in expansion of disk space and peripherals.

    We've gone for a Mac Pro and installed OSX server on that with the OpenDirectory stuff and bound the clients to AD etc. That gives us a bit more flexibility with regards to backup as we've shoved in a SCSI card and are using Retrospect with an external SCSI tape drive.

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    I'd agree with Joedetic whilst a mac mini would run mac os x server no problem you are limited with its use of disk space, also it might sound daft but is a valid point in my eyes, it doesn't take much to knock the power cable out of a mac mini and the last thing you want is that to happen.

    Go for a mac pro if you don't want to splash out on a mac server.

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    Myself i would get a Mac Mini. They are much cheaper.

    We use a Mac Mini with OSX Server on just to lock down the clients. Everything else such as storage lives on the Dell Windows Servers. There is no particular reason why it should live on a Mac server because the clients are used by a Mac.

    As for licensing. You can get OSX server with 10 cals pretty cheap from Simon at CPLTD

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    If you already have the clients and also have the theory in how you are going to do things then you may be interested in the trial version you can download of OS X Server. This may help to find out whether the mac mini will be enough to support your 6 clients.

    If it starts to fall over then you know. It all depends on how you are going to utilise the server really. If it is just to lock them down and you auth against the AD and store home dirs on the clients then the mini should be enough. It's only when you go down the route of networked home dirs and AFP shares when you are going to run into problems. AFP loves RAM. The more the better. But with a mac mini A, its hard to install the RAM (but not impossible, i have upgraded 15) and B, can only take up to 2 - 4 GB depending on the intel model.

    I take it all back. Well the free trial anyhow. Its only available in the US. Stupid small print.
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