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Mac Thread, Windows and Mac in Technical; Ok so i'm not sure this is in the right place, i was 50-50 but hit it in here... I ...
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    Windows and Mac

    Ok so i'm not sure this is in the right place, i was 50-50 but hit it in here...

    I have a windows machine and don't want to re-mortgage the house to get a mac... i have Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4 and want to be able to use the operating system too. I would prefer to have it on a usb hard drive preferrabley, if that is possible.

    Ideally i would like a verion of parallels to run on Windows and have a Mac system running in a window, however i don't think they do that.

    Could anybody give me any options and/or ways to do this kind of thing?

    Many Thanks,

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    Hi Chris, hows stuff?

    You dont have a Mac at home so you can't actually do it legally. People have hacked OS X to run on a PC just google hackingtosh.


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    Because of the legality it's best to keep the information brief, but OSX is certainly an acquired taste for PC hardware. It's designed around the Mac kit, which although is mostly identical to some OEM PC hardware, theres far too many combinations to bother with.
    If you're really up with your OSX (or linux) you may well be able to spend the time chopping it up to suit you however it's not easy and it is time consuming, for not a huge amount of gain.

    The absolute cheapest way of getting yourself a Mac is by shopping around for a faulty unit (laptops are easiest if you're hardware literate, desktops will be fine but it needs to be specific faults) and replace whatever is faulty with generic PC hardware. In desktops - thats processor, memory, hard drives, optical drives etc. In laptops naturally that extends to screens as well as the above. I've often been able to pick up a macbook (got hold of a nackered Pro via ebay a fortnight ago) for under £100 with a smashed screen. The exact replacement screen courtesy of Apple resellers was over £150 by itself, purely for having an Apple label on. £250 still wouldn't have been bad for that macbook, but I have winging its way to me, an *identical* screen, brand new, for £65. Well under half the price.

    Unfortunately if you're not prone to choppy choppy with your hardware that's not much help to you I'm afraid :/ Nothing around in the second hand market for working models?

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