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Mac Thread, Delete those voices in Technical; The Macs have this feature that can 'speak what you type' function, called voice over. Very clever but, the pupils ...
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    Delete those voices

    The Macs have this feature that can 'speak what you type' function, called voice over. Very clever but, the pupils abusing it! Going into Pages or Word and typing "Joe Blogs is a " and how everyone laughs!

    I've tried everything to disable it but to no avil. You can't set a preference for it in Workgroup Manager, and disabling the feature in System Preferences (or not allowing that as a preference they can access) doesn't work because you can turn it on via shortcut keys or thru Application menu.

    So the only way to stop it is to delete the voices from System\Library Folder.

    We have 105 macs for Pupil use, I don't fancy going round to every one and deleting the folder. So I thought that there must be able to do it in one go via ARD. But i can't find the UNIX comand that does this.

    Can anyone help?

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    You want to move /System/Library/Speech/Synthesizers/MacinTalk.SpeechSynthesizer. What we do is move that whole folder to the Administrator's desktop just in case it's needed again, then we can move it back. We do this before we image our machines but it's easy to do retrospectively via Remote Desktop. Using ARD, you want to send this Unix command:

    mv -R /System/Library/Speech/Synthesizers/MacinTalk.SpeechSynthesizer /Users/Administrator/Desktop

    (which is move (mv), recursively (-R), the thing you want to move, to the new location).

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