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Mac Thread, G4 power book ? in Technical; ok got a G4 power book but the power pin has snapped off inside of the laptop power connector ? ...
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    G4 power book ?

    ok got a G4 power book but the power pin has snapped off inside of the laptop power connector ?

    Just wondering a few things

    1. Is it easy enough to take apart and take the pin out - if so any guides or some step by step advise or info ?

    2. Can I get the data off of it considering I can't physically power the laptop ( am guessing not as obviously no power to the hard drive ? )

    3. If the answer to 1 is no then anyone know where I can get it repaired for the cheapest amount ?

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    1) There are a couple of tutorials on fixing the power adapters here:
    Repair your macintosh power cord
    Powerbook 65W AC Adapter Repair
    From your description I'm guessing it is the charder rather than the socket. If it is the socket this is more difficult.

    2) Recovering the data is comparitively easy, just remove the hard drive ( Powerbook G4 Hard Drive Upgrade Guide ) and put in into an external USB drive caddy ( USB Laptop Hard Drive Cases, Caddy's & Enclosures - USBNow.co.uk ) which you can then plug into a going mac. You could even get a firewire caddy if you wanted but given the size and speed of the drive this is of limited value except perhaps target disk mode.

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    If the pin from the charger has snapped off and remained inside the power-in socket then you need to replace the charger. Getting the broken pin out is a little harder. You could try and fish it out? Who knows you might get lucky?

    However it's probably better to replace the DC-inboard. Any Apple Authorised Repair Specialist can supply you with the part as well as fitting it. Although you could have a go yourself?

    On the 15" & 17" models its a fairly trivial repair - if you know what you're doing. For the 12" model it's a major event requiring removal of practically every internal component.

    IIRC the DC-inboard also doubles as the Sound Board on the 15" models.

    Antonio Rocco (ACSA)
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    eBay can be handy for DC-in/sound boards. I expect an Apple service part to be £££.

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