I know this has been covered before but I want to ask a slightly different question!

I'm actually on a mac server advanced course at the moment, not bad as I can't get windows training no matter how hard I try.

Now I am on the course as nobody really has a clue on what to do with our mac suite of 30 macs and an x serve. At the moment the macs authenticate against active directory so the users just attach to their windows home directory. The xserve is currently just powering my usb powered snowman (don't ask)

Anyway I am currently learning how to set up the system so I can control the users desktops etc through the server with workgroup manager.

But this way I won't be able to use any of the mac servers huge amount of HD space for user files as you can't move users home directories.

So can anyone suggest how they would set up their mac system in this scenario?

PS we are moving away from CC3 in the summer so I'll have to re jig again.