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Mac Thread, Simple DVD Copying in Technical; Like the title says, All I want to do is copy a DVD Movie from one DVD to another. I ...
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    Unhappy Simple DVD Copying

    Like the title says, All I want to do is copy a DVD Movie from one DVD to another.

    I have an external DVD drive with the disc I want to copy in, and a blank DVD disc in my Imac DVD drive.

    What software do I use to copy the disc from to another? Is there some free software which I could use or is better than anything on a Mac, but at the moment I can't find ANYTHING that will do this task for me.

    Cure my stupidity?

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    Toast is perhaps the best DVD burner for OS X. I think there is also one called Dragon burn. You can download a trial of Dragon burn IIRC. Toast is probably the Nero of OS X though. I don't know of any free DVD burning software.

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    You can do this in Disk Utility. You create a disk image of the original, then burn the image to a blank disk. I assume you mean a home made DVD disk rather than a shop bought one? You can do the latter but I expect it is not suitable to speak about that on this forum.

    But as above, toast is easier to use with it's straight 'copy' function, but you have to buy it.

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