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Mac Thread, Integrating Macs onto a windows domain... in Technical; This may well have been covered in other posts but I don't think they accurately "fix" or suggest a fix ...
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    Integrating Macs onto a windows domain...

    This may well have been covered in other posts but I don't think they accurately "fix" or suggest a fix for this problem.

    We currently run a 2003 network and the Media department ordered two iMacs and now want them on the domain, we were originally going to run them stand alone but will not work with the volume of video editing they want to do.

    there will only be 100 students *max* using them.

    we have a 2tb NAS in the server room to be used to save/backup the data as i couldn't realistically get them backed up on tape. Not yet anyway.

    Using the guide on here i have got the iMacs on the domain and they work fine. When logged in with a student account, this account has way too many rights and can see way too much as the security settings that work on the domain don't apply on the Macs.

    so, I would like the students to be able to see their shares only and see this mapped drive. The mapping is not a problem but the security issue of the students being able to see things they shouldn't, well I don't even know where to start.

    I am lost.

    thanks in advance for any ideas.


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    You would need to configure network views.

    But upon looking at WGM this seems to be drastically harder to configure on 10.5 than it was on 10.4???

    It seems now you need to click on each computer in the list of computers and then add a URL to each machine. I have never configured a network view so am not entirely sure how it works but i think that it restricts the network view to the URL/s that you enter.

    It use to be that you create a network view or something and then drag the machines you wanted into that view. Can anyone else confirm or dismiss these changes? I may be missing something.

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    So the media department bought these macs without consulting yourself?

    Make them see the error of their ways and make them pay for OSX server which will allow you to image/lock down macs in a GPO-esque fashion, or failing that just get something like Centrify.

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    Leopard and Network Views

    Hi Mark

    They are not there anymore. They were not that great in 10.4 in the first place. The Public view was the only one that kinda worked but was essentially mis-named! You would have thought the Public view meant everyone? It meant the opposite.

    Leopard provides Computers and Computer Lists (or Groups) if you prefer. That's about it.

    Antonio Rocco (ACSA)

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    We have 20 Apple iMacs in our music department. We wanted to deploy them using AD on Windows Server 2003. Our iMacs have Tiger rather than Leopard.

    Initially we found that every so often users were unable to logon. This became so annoying that we invested in a 20-user license for AdmitMac (Thursby Software). Once AdmitMac was installed and configured we had no further problems. Users' home directories were correctly mapped and it was fairly simple to map other shared areas on the network.

    It also appears that the restrictions users have on the Windows clients are also in force on the Macs, even though we have done nothing to configure this behaviour.

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    have you had a look at this site: HowToMac.co.uk | Bringing the future of Apple into education

    Its a really good site and has some good solutions on how to integrate Macs to Windows Domains.

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    I've got macs logging onto various windows servers in a few schools through extending the schema (thanks to HodgeHi's link in this thread Restrict Mac like Group Policy for Windows ). It worked a treat once I had read the instructions properly! The apple support forums are also fantastic as I discovered how to add pre made preference plists to WGM for things like mouse prefs (right click!!!). You dont need an xserve or third party software to lock down macs in work group manager.

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