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Mac Thread, Final Cut Pro in Technical; Hi Is anyone using final cut pro in thier school? we have it installed on our mac pro but it ...
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    Final Cut Pro


    Is anyone using final cut pro in thier school? we have it installed on our mac pro but it will only work when using a local logon account and not an Active Directory login. The software will load eventually but takes ages to do anything and often crashes.

    Im not sure if there are any directories i should put in open manger for the program to work properly as a domain user as i only allow applications to run according to what is in the list.


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    Might be worth putting the whole Final Cut directory into the allowed apps in Workgroup Manager. We certainly had a similar problem with Garageband at a school & moving the whole directory into the list cured it.

    Problem might just be with doing it over the network though. Little bit beyond things I know about but if Final Cut is trying to use network drives for scratch discs/etc it might be causing problems.

    We only do small amounts of work with Final Cut here but all with local accounts so haven't tried it I'm afraid.

    Tim >:-)

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    We run Final Cut Express but I assume there will be similarities....

    We have our machines set to create a local home folder for the network user on the local hard disk of the computers. Final Cut will put various working folders in the user's home folder - this is a bad idea if you are running network homes. Also, you cannot capture video over the network.

    The rule we use is that if you are working with video in iMovie, or FC Express, you must work locally, even if you save projects to a global read/write folder on the local hard drive.

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