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Mac Thread, Final Cut Express and also iSight settings in Technical; Hello I am considering the next version of Final Cut Express (intel) when it comes out and was wondering if ...
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    Final Cut Express and also iSight settings


    I am considering the next version of Final Cut Express (intel) when it comes out and was wondering if it (the current version) does chroma keying or is this reserved for the Pro version? I had a look at the features list but it was not obvious to me.

    Also whenever I start iMovie it seems to default to NTSC and I can only change it when I export rather than working in PAL natively. Is this because the iSight camera is set to NTSC (no other capture device is attached)? If so where are the settigs for it so I can change it to PAL or do I not have a choice?

    One last thing. You've probably seen the ads but just in case ....




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    Re: Final Cut Express and also iSight settings

    I don't know if you have already done this. I assume that you would have done this straight away but in the preferences in iMovie go to the general tab and select 25 frames instead of the default 29.9. You should only need to do this once.

    I have not got an iSight camera (external anyway) but in my macbook pro it does not seem to make a difference.

    By the way i have also noticed that you cannot change the format once a project is already started. Even if you change the settings on a new project and then drag and drop the clips from an existing NTSC project it will convert the PAL to the NTSC also.

    If it is a captured source it will need to be recaptured, unless you export.

    Just some info anyway.

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