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Mac Thread, My Ibook G4 Keeps freezing in Technical; Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this problem. I turn my laptop on, and sometimes it takes about ...
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    My Ibook G4 Keeps freezing

    Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this problem. I turn my laptop on, and sometimes it takes about 5mins or sometimes it can be after a matter of seconds my laptop freezes. It will then not unfreeze, i have to actually take the battery out. I've had it about 7months and this is the first time something has gone wrong. Can anyone help?

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    It could a heat issue - the laptop getting very warm in a short period of time or it could possibly be a memory problem.

    I am guessing (from what you're saying) it's a consistent 5 mins or so, which would point to a heat problem. If the main fan on the processor fails it can cause all sorts of problems.

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    No useful to suggestion as to why it's doing it I'm afraid...

    What I'd do is reimage it, install the OS from scratch, software update as far as it'll go and see if the problem is still there. At least that way you'll know whether it's a hardware or software problem.



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