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Mac Thread, Login Problems in Technical; Hi Guys We have a problem with new users logging in to a suite of Macs. New users are set ...
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    Login Problems

    Hi Guys

    We have a problem with new users logging in to a suite of Macs. New users are set with a user name and the password being password, on the first log in the reset the password to what ever they want. This is all set up in Workgroup Manager on an Xserve.

    This all works perfectly in 3 of the 4 Mac Suites we have, however not in one of them.

    Users can get to the expanded login screen asking them to change their password, despite entering a perfect valid password and having the option to be able to change the password active, the window shakes and refuses to log in. (And why doesn't a Mac tell why it can't log in )

    Old users which have already reset the password can log in fine.

    Really keen on getting this fixed in order to get the suite up and running

    Thanks in advance

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    Macs do tell you why the login failed. You just need to log in and check the logs. What i tend to do is try a log in with a user that will fail and then log in as a local admin and then filter the logs with the failed users' name.

    It usually yeilds some info that might be worth a look.

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