Hi All. Hope you had a nice break if you got one.

I have been looking into Augmented records and so far not had too much luck with them. When i say looking at, i mean trying to create my own. I have configured the iCal service for use with AD users and also the Wiki (no blog) and online calendar.

Now i want to use the iChat service in School for Staff. I have the iChat service set up and configured but cannot see the Buddies list. I think it is because there is no list of IM addresses in the contacts /information of the users. Now i have tried to create an augmented record but it did nothing. I'm not sure if the issue is that it didn't work or that the augmented record is not the correct way to go about it. I have decided to try an AD schema extension.

Now to my question.

I haven't done this manually before so am unsure as to how best o go about it. How would one create a schema extension for something like this? Not many people go this route for Apple-integration so not much info to go on for newbs. Hoping someone out there who has been brave enough in the past can give a little helping hand.

I have looked at the shukwits AD integration scripts (and still am) but trying to get it to work. I tried this in the past with no problems but it looks like a few things have changed this time around.

Thanks in advance