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Mac Thread, Parallels USB port shareing? in Technical; I have got a school who have just helpfully out and purchased several interactive whiteboards that for the moment only ...
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    Question Parallels USB port shareing?

    I have got a school who have just helpfully out and purchased several interactive whiteboards that for the moment only come with Windows software (not a school that I manage directly). My question is how good is parallels at shareing, can I plug in the USB white board to a Mac running parallels and have parallels direct the entire workings of it to the virtual Windows OS so that the drivers can be installed and input recived.

    Also will the virtualized whiteboard app be able to interact with the OSX desktop elements?

    Currently the solution that I am thinking of is just chucking Windows on via boot camp and getting them to run Windows directly however this would isolate them from their documents and lots of the apps that they use as they use the Apple office stuff currently for their document work.

    Any help with this is appreciated as I have never used parallels before and they don't have a copy to test this out with.

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    wine ?

    If they only come with windows drivers it will need something to run the windows software obviously - there are trial versions of parallels and vmware fusion but as you mentioned above it may be easier to just use boot camp and slap windows on a bootcamp partition.

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