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Mac Thread, Screen Sharing - how to disable? in Technical; We have a suite of iMacs running OS X, and the little darlings have discovered screen sharing! We need to ...
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    Screen Sharing - how to disable?

    We have a suite of iMacs running OS X, and the little darlings have discovered screen sharing!

    We need to turn this off for client machines, but leave it on for admins.

    They are finding this screen sharing 'feature' via the Finder sidebar, AIUI.


    How do I disable this ridiculously annoying and inappropriate 'feature' for an education environment?

    An answer sometime yesterday would be nice
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    Hi there!

    If I am reading you properly then all you need to do is open System Preferences on each machine, click the "Sharing" icon and highlight "Screen Sharing". When you have done that select the radio button "Allow access for: Only these users" and place your account in there (I use the local admin account here). This should limit the ability of Macs on your network to view screens because you have defined a security limit for the service.

    Hope that helps in some way!


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    if you are running an os x server you can deny each year group access to the screen sharing app which is in

    /system/library/core services

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    If you have remote management configured on these machines (ARD) then screen sharing is disabled by default. If you use net-restore to deploy your images you can have it set up ARD on an account for you during the imaging process. This should then remove the Screen sharing option. I think you can also manage sharing preferences in WGM on a leopard server as well.

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