We've installed a room of Intel iMacs with bootcamp and windows XPsp2 and 3. Everything seems to be OK except that when using Windows and running MS Publisher or MS powerpoint or IE some of the colours of text change.
In Powerpoint blue text appears as red in the design pane but as blue in the slide preview on the left. In publisher text on the screen appears a differnet colour in print preview. In IE a google search the bold text highlighted because its part of the search appears in red as well as bold. On a PC doing the same search it appears all blue. Changing the font size changes the colour of the fonts.

I tried googling for a solution or even a reason but I'm stuck on what to search for.

It happens on 20" and 24" macs. Done all the windows updates, applied latest bootcamp update from a couple of days ago. Tried with and without sp3.
No change.

Really stuck on this one.
Oh and it just happens to be in the design suite where colour accuracy is majorly important. Aargh!