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Mac Thread, Any MS Entourage 2004 users? in Technical; One of my users uses Entourage 2004 to access his email, in fact, he's the only member of staff who ...
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    Any MS Entourage 2004 users?

    One of my users uses Entourage 2004 to access his email, in fact, he's the only member of staff who does. He's on Mac OS 10.4.11, and our mail is IMAP based.

    He's moved from an eMac, to an iMac over the summer and now when he accesses his email, it doesn't show two sub folders from his mailbox folders. If he logs in to our email system with our web interface, they are there....using Entourage, they are not!

    I think this behaviour is slightly strange as all the mail is all held on the server and the mail client just 'reads' it from the server. All other folders and sub folders he has created are there. All folders were created before he moved machines.

    Any ideas?

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    I support several Entourage users over SMTP. It is a right pain to setup and you can't tell if you've made a mistake until much later, at Entourage is a bit, shall we say, tardy when deciding to talk to the Exchange server.

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