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Mac Thread, "Unexpected Error" when binding 10.4.11 clients to 10.5.4 Open Directory in Technical; Bit of an odd one this - we've got a number of Mac clients running 10.4.11 and a G5 server ...
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    "Unexpected Error" when binding 10.4.11 clients to 10.5.4 Open Directory

    Bit of an odd one this - we've got a number of Mac clients running 10.4.11 and a G5 server with 10.5.4. Both clients and the server are bound happily to Active Directory, and users are able to logon with AD accounts.

    We need to bind the computers to Open Directory as well, so that we can manage their preferences, however when configuring the LDAP settings, all that happens is an "Unexpected Error" - not hugely useful!

    I've tried with a clean install of 10.4.11, without binding it to AD first, and the error still occurs. If I just configure LDAP without binding it works fine, but seeing as we're using VLANs, the Macs need to bind in order to see the server for managed preferences.

    Has anyone else experienced this? (I've had a hunt around online and there's a few other people mentioning it, but nothing by way of a fix)


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    I have a similar problem at home right now! What i have is a mac mini G4 running 10.4.11 and a Mac mini server 10.5.4. When i try to bind the tiger client to the leopard server it tells me that the dir admin credentials are invalid yet leaving the same ones in the boxes and then clicking Ok again, a dialog box pops up and tells me that the account exists and do i want to over-write. I say yes and all goes well. But i still don't get any network accounts available.

    My Macbook pro running 10.5.4 client binds and works fine. I have tried with required binding and without required binding. I have demoted my OD to a stand alone and then re-promoted back to a OD master only to find nothing changes.

    Did you manage to get this working SteveMC or anyone? I will have to do this with 15 Macbooks on Monday and so would love to have a solution before then. Nothing stands out as being wrong apart from the monstrosity that is Leopard.

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