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Mac Thread, Help!! Application aliases problem in Technical; I hope someone can help me. We run a mobile set of 15 iBooks here, each with a user set ...
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    Help!! Application aliases problem

    I hope someone can help me.

    We run a mobile set of 15 iBooks here, each with a user set up for each class.

    I need to install some software for 4 of the classes. The software is installing OK, but think there must be a better way of making desktop aliases for these 4 users than to log in as each one and create them.

    It won't let me copy the alias in to the desktop folder from the admin log on.

    Any ideas guys.


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    Re: Help!! Application aliases problem

    we had this problem but for 50 macs, i couldnt find a way to apple sciprt local users accounts, as i might on a windows computer, luckily we had someone do it for us created 10 accounts on 30 machines manually.

    you could set one machine up with the correct accounts and permissions and image it and send the image to the rest of the macs?

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    Re: Help!! Application aliases problem

    Apple Remote Desktop 3 is supposed to have some new features specifically aimed at remotely managing deployments etc. I've not looked after macs for a while now so I'm no expert, but it might be worth a look if imaging isn't an option.


    Presumably you can use the remote computer's root credentials to carry out your admin tasks if necessary.

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