Hello all,

I am in the middle of re-building my AD and OD domains to get them integrated once and for all. Unfortunately i have run into a problem with binding my macs to the OD. I have the thread i have started over at bobmich below:

I have recently deployed a lab of imacs all running 10.5.3 as of the image. This was updated to 10.5.4 after the re-imaging had finished. I have now come to bind these to the Open Directory for managing.

I used a script that uses dsconfigad and it worked fine on the machine i used as the source for the image.

I joined the machines to the OD using dsconfigldap and again it went fine. I then used the same script against the rest of the iMacs in the lab and it failed on the OD binding. AD went through fine.

After some testing i found that there seemed to be an issue with the machines all wanting to overwrite a record in the OD.

After joining one machine and then trying another manually i have found this to be the reason.

How can i get all the machines bound to the OD as they should without any problems? I am not sure exactly what record is the problem.

I have checked the ByHost preferences on two machines and they were different and set usinig their own hardware addresses for the ethernet. As all the machines are the same i assume this is the case for all of them.

Hope someone can help.

As you can see, i am not quite sure where to start on this one to resolve the issue. Anyone else run into this problem or has used net-restore recently on more than on leopard machine and then bound them to the OD as well as the AD?

Hope someone can help :-)