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Mac Thread, Cannot connect to any VNC or RDP servers in Technical; This is on my home Mac, works fine at work. Whenever I try and RDP or VNC to my home ...
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    Cannot connect to any VNC or RDP servers

    This is on my home Mac, works fine at work.

    Whenever I try and RDP or VNC to my home server (Windows XP) both programs cannot resolve the hostname, and if I try and just use the IP address, it looks for a while and then times out.

    Thing is, I can connect to my Windows shares on that server fine from the Mac so I know it can see it, Im just assuming various ports are blocked somewhere...but where?
    Weird that it works fine at school. Also works perfectly at home from an XP machine.

    Running 10.5.4

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    windows firewall turned on?

    edit: that wouldnt really make sense though if you can connect ok from a xp client...

    Do you have any IP restrictions on the VNC Server?
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    Open a console on your mac and try and telnet to the IP of the windows box on port 3389 (rdp) and 5900 (vnc) and see if this works.

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    mac firewall ?

    if you go system prefs --> sharing --> firewall

    have you got the relevant ports opened or anything on the firewall turned on ie if you go to the advanced button. ( not sure if UDP effects those ports ) but worth disabling stealth mode and UDP so it allows UDP and stealth.

    Once you get it working you can re enable things one by one to see what stops it.

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