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Mac Thread, New Mac Network with Windows Clients in Technical; Hi I asked this question (in around about way!) on another forum on EduGeek. I would be grateful for more ...
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    New Mac Network with Windows Clients


    I asked this question (in around about way!) on another forum on EduGeek. I would be grateful for more opinions.

    We are putting in a new Mac Network over the summer. 160 mac in total with an xserver at it core. We will be using Terminal servcies for SIMS and additional 30 windows users (pupils) on the network. This is due to the Tech department using some Windows only software. Although they are keen to move away from it to Mac software in the future. I should also point out that the windows hardware to be used doen't have much life left

    The school's inital idea was to have a seperate network for tech using existing hardware to run the small network to support them. The only issue being that users wouldn't be able to access their home folder on Windows network.

    As we are purchasing a new server to handle SIMS terminal services, my suggestion was to use the new Windows server to link in the Tech network. So if they needed to users could access their files on either Mac or PC.

    Our supplier has suggested that it would be best to have two windows servers, one for SIMS and the other for AD with a new RAID system on the Windows side and have AD manage users.

    I just wanted to see want others thought on this. As another Edugeek member has said as we will be a majority Mac network it would make sense to have OD mange users. And therefore is there any need for AD server? Can I just have the windows users connecting to the Xserve and OD?


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    Coming from a Mac network installing small amounts of windows in the past(even more so now we have a new head *sigh*) AD is the best platform for managing users. Integration of Macs to a AD server is far easier than trying to get windows to integrate with Samba/OD IMO.

    Only thing you loose is the ability to manage prefs on a User basis, but due to how the mac's Managed groups work you could easily create a new Managed group for a bunch of bad students for example with restricted rights.

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    OD & windows

    Although OSX server makes noises about managing Windows clients, I have found that in reality these services only work on Windows clients up to XP SP1 (bit like NT) and then only with limited functionality.
    Our situation is similar to yours with the Tech dept using PC's. We set these up to use Internet and Printing via a local account without network homes. Students saving work do so using our VLE/mail system or pendrives etc. and seem happy enough with the solution.
    Works for us
    I find people who routinely recommend AD are usually not familiar with alternatives.
    OD, Workgroup manager etc. is both powerful and pleasure to use. I'd stick with it.

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