They need to sort out their licensing fast. Since i go with what i am told by our resellers we may be breaching terms of licensing agreements.

I started at my school a year or two ago and am still trying to sort out the mess or licensing but only the Microsoft side of things. My OS X side is relatively simple.

We have a Select Agreement license (from where i do not know) a Volume License Agreement (from MJC although i am not sure if it is ours or not and whether we purchased it from them or they just used the Volume License agreement to RIS the machines before installation. I have asked clarification but still waiting. I don't know if the Licenses for the machines were OEM and if not then i think we can move the licenses to a different machine under the Volume License agreement. It just gets greyer and greyer...Hacks me off. I reckon we should be allowed the excuse "If microsft don't know, how the hell am i suppose to!" when the auditors or whoever come in.

Thats it i think. Rant over.