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Mac Thread, Replacement drives for 17" Mac Book Pros in Technical; ...
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    Replacement drives for 17" Mac Book Pros

    We have a requirement to upgrade 2 Mac Book Pro 17". We have been quoted £160 per drive (hahahahahahahahaha) + a large amount for fitting, so basically I'm going to do it myself (plenty of written instructions out there). Are there any restrictions on the type of 2.5" SATA drives it will take or any hardware restrictions such as maximum size in place I should be aware of?
    I want to fit these: Computer hardware and software at amazing prices, available online from Scan Computers UK
    As I have one in my Thinkpad and boy, is it fast! Is there any reason why I should not get these drives for a Mac Book Pro?

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    Some discussion here: macbook compatible ram/ hard drives? [Archive] - Mac Forums

    Sorry to not be of more help.


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