I felt the need to add a bit of information about streaming TV with OS X and using elgato systems for recording TV.

First of all you will need the following to allow TV recording and TV Streaming.

  1. OS X 10.4 Server or OS X 10.5
  2. ELgato TV box suggest using the elgato 250 plus comes in at £130 - VAT
  3. Aeriel Connection
  4. quicktime on all computers
  5. Large storage for TV recordings

Not really a lot and at very little cost.

First thing to do is practice using the elgato 250 plus system. Schedule a few recordings and try exporting some of the videos. Once you have the hang of scheduling and exporting its quite simple from there. But can i mention it is adviced that you export with the right format and correct settings. So for example I tend to export as Mpeg 4 with streaming optimization. If you wish to stream the the TV as a playlist it is advised that you do so!

If you already have a OS X server then this is as simple as turning on a switch. Simply go into Server Admin and start the QuickTime Streaming Service. Within there you can set a few options. Such as broadcasting and the web interface. I would also advice within this part that you point your media files to your nice big hard drive.

Once you have the service all started you can either use the QTSS Publisher for OS X 10.4 or the web interface for OS X 10.5.

Because i have 10.4 and not a 10.5 server at hand i will go over this with 10.4.

Now you have your quick time streaming server running you can now start making playlist. So within QTSS publisher just click all the TV shows you wish to stream and drag them onto the QTSS publisher libary. Once done you can make a media list or music play list. For TV shows you would need to make a media list and for music MP3 or ACC format. When you have made the playlist and started it you can then access the playlist on a web browser or with quick time player. This can be done by going to http://SERVERNAME/(PLAYLISTNAME).

Its that easy and runs over port 80.

To make streaming easier to stream individual files i would do the following.

Export your TV program you recorded and place it to the same location you set your media directory within server admin. When exported you can tell your users to access the media by going to http://servername/filename

Well i hope you can find this helpful. Its a bit random and applogies for bad spelling.

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