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Mac Thread, What Mac would you recommend in Technical; Originally Posted by Whitestar Storage isnt really an issue. Student data is stored an a 2Tb NAS instead of on ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitestar View Post
    Storage isnt really an issue.
    Student data is stored an a 2Tb NAS instead of on a server.
    Just one thing, you may be limited with how many users can concurrently work with video in raw native format (e.g. captured and not transcoded)
    Our nas started having issues with users uploading footage while others manipulate it. Just something to test concurrently.

    As for the *other* debate either OS is fine and both are used in industry as Premier exists on both OS's for example and its very powerful nowadays.

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    Um. One way could be to get a 40Gb USB drive for every student taking the course.
    We could lend them out and get the students to sign a contract that says that if the drives are lost/damages then they will have to pay the school some money towards a new one.
    They could then save their work to that instead of the local drive or NAS.

    They only think that I don't like about that is that their work wouldn't be backed up on the network.

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