Hello All,

Just purchased a Macbook Air for one of our staff, the only problem I have at the moment is that I cannot get the external superdrive to work in windows XP.

I have installed the latest version of the bootcamp drivers (V2.1) and it has made no difference. It can see the drive in device manager but has a warning against it "reinstall the drivers for this device (Code 18)". I have reinstalled the drivers but it just loops around all the time giving the same message to reinstall. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it with the same results. I have booted with it already directly connected to the usb port also.

I know the drive has been tweaked so that it only works on a macbook air but from what I have read it should work when connected to a macbook air running XP. It works fine in OS X as you would expect.

Any help will be greatly appreciated !