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Mac Thread, New to Mac - Problem with extensions in Technical; Hi, I am new to macs and have been given an old Clamshell iBook, which was in a bit of ...
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    New to Mac - Problem with extensions


    I am new to macs and have been given an old Clamshell iBook, which was in a bit of a state. I have the original disks (Mac os 9.0.4) and so restored it to it's original state. After restarting it I have been getting and 'Illegal Instruction' error, which I have found out is something to do with extensions. I am working through trying to find which one is causing the problem but I am a bit confused as to why this is a problem, when I have restored it. Could anyone point me in the right direction?


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    Re: New to Mac - Problem with extensions

    Can you boot with extensions off, hold down the shift key while booting and wait for the message which tells you its starting with extensions off. You may also get the extensions manager when you boot like this, you can then turn off extensions using the dropdown menu at the top of its window. If you manage to boot to the desktop then you have an extensions conflict you will need to isolate the extension so that you can then disable it in extensions manager. This use to be done with a package called conflict catcher, but you can also do this manually by turning on each extension one by one until you get the conflict. Sounds like the disk you have used for the iBook is not meant for this laptop?

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