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Mac Thread, Properly changing dns on leopard server in Technical; I accidentally put the wrong issue up on this thread, what i meant to ask for is changing the gateway ...
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    Arrow Properly changing dns on leopard server

    I accidentally put the wrong issue up on this thread, what i meant to ask for is changing
    the gateway address on the server, is it safe to do without using changeip? the ip address is
    not changing but i didnt know


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    Changeip is used if you're contemplating changing either the IP address, the hostname or both. Bear in mind its not necessarily a panacea for any possible DNS/LDAP ills resulting from such changes.

    Depending on how mature it is changing one or the other can have dire consequences for your LDAP database. Sometimes the only way to effectively do this is to export users and groups (you could archive the LDAP database although you might have problems restoring it), demoting to Standalone, sorting out DNS followed by a re-promotion and re-import etc.

    Changing the gateway/router address or the subnet mask should have no bearing. However you should be careful with the subnet mask if you're opening it up or narrowing it down (eg: 8 or 16 bits to 24 etc). Not so much for the server itself but for clients who may be using it for NetInstall or NetBoot for example. Some of these clients might have a problem if the Server's subnet changes and theirs does not.

    As always make sure you have fully working bootable clone of your server - you never know!

    Antonio Rocco (ACSA)

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