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Mac Thread, Os 10.5 Server (Mail) in Technical; I did a training course for os 10.5 server but the instructor gave us the option of working on imaging/deployment ...
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    Os 10.5 Server (Mail)

    I did a training course for os 10.5 server but the instructor gave us the option of working on imaging/deployment instead (i really needed to get a good grasp on imaging). So to make a long story short I dont fully grasp mail server and the 10.5 (apple) server book is not descriptive enough. Does anyone have a decent tutorial explaining the ins and outs. Also I was wondering the opinion of zimbra among 10.5 server admins.

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    Is it the PDF guides you are using (from Apple's web site) or the training guides you got whilst on the course? In any case, I have found that the PDF manuals are a little better at filling in the gaps for any topic I need to look at on OS X Server, and of course the Apple Leopard Server Support Forums are fantastic.

    As far as Zimbra is concerned: I have looked at it and don't like it as much as this-

    Kerio Technologies Inc. | Kerio MailServer - secure mailserver for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

    It's horses for courses really. The built-in Mail Services in Leopard Server are *good* but they aren't going to get you as far as Kerio or Zimbra. Might be worth investing the time and learning one of those and getting it implemented rather than the default setup.



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    Apples mail server

    I have managed to get a mail server up and running on both 10.4 and 10.5 server without reading anything.

    From my experience it is mainly just going through the motions. Whether it is set up right is a different matter. I found though that if you went for a standard setup (not workgroup or advanced) it fluffed up your email addresses and other things. I found it best to start off with standard to ad your users and other stuff but leave mail service off. Then convert to advanced server afterwards and then configure your DNS service first.

    Then configure your mail service.

    I quite like the Apple mail server but have yet to use it in a production environment. I have one in semi-productive environment (like Beta with staff using it a little) and one at home (on 10.5). The one at home auths using Kerberos (some of the time :-( ) and at school on 10.4 authing md5 and kerberos.

    I don't know if there is anything here to help:

    Tools for OS X Server - OS X Server Mail Services
    I have found their site quite useful over the past few months with various things. Mailbfr is quite good to.
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