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Mac Thread, So much for Macs being secure in Technical; Originally Posted by kingswood Yes, yes- but if you are a criminal/cracker who wants to exploit bugs in code or ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingswood View Post
    Yes, yes- but if you are a criminal/cracker who wants to exploit bugs in code or otherwise harness information on systems belonging to other people then Windows is the *obvious* choice. So many business and home users have this system that you would target that to get to your main point (wouldn't you?).
    Well, not really. The computing power of server clusters, combined with the high speed internet access they have makes servers a prime target for rooting for the purpose of sending spam. Afterall, sending spam is the main reason viruses are spread. The other bits and pieces (more malware/spyware) is another thing entirely, but yes, i'd focus on Windows desktop machines for this aspect.

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    Hackers arn't interested in local windows machines, malware writers are. Owning someones windows porn collection isnt really that much of a priority to a hacker. Whereas Malware writers/spreaders do want to target the masses.

    The title is misleading too, the guy had been working on this 0day for over 2 weeks at least, 'MAC owned in under 2mins'? kinda lame.

    I heard some Mac fanbois saying it was a popularity contest and he only owned the Mac and not its competitors because he wanted to take it home...lol.

    The author of the flash bug also admitted he could get the bug working on other arch's, e.g. linux could of been owned too so make of that what you will.

    And you only have to take a look into the vmsplice bug, read the vulnerable code. Its shocking!

    The whole competition is a farce anyway, the only reason no one entered on the first day (remote exploits) was because no one would sell (effectively what you are doing here) a remote 0day for 20k USD. Governments pay a lot more as has been documented publically in the past.

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