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Mac Thread, login scripts in Technical; So, my place of work is investing in Macs and I have been tasked with looking after the 'project'. I ...
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    Question login scripts

    So, my place of work is investing in Macs and I have been tasked with looking after the 'project'. I have an iMac, X server and Pro to mess about with. They're on the (Windows) network. Before I start feeling too smug, though, there are a couple of things I'd like to get set up and can't find much info about them...

    1) Email - users logging on with their Windows credentials have to enter the server name / username / password manually.
    2) Firefox - doesn't take proxy settings from system prefs like what Safari does...

    I could also mention printers but I think the above two are enough for now. I think what I'm looking at is some sort of login script but like I say, I haven't had much luck finding any help with it. As you've probably worked out if you've read this far, the lovely white and shiny world of Jobs is a new one on me. Anyone in / been in this situation and managed to sort it?

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    Firefox settings do require a bit of scripting some ideas about what files to look for are here:

    Hope that helps.


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