I have run into the following problem.

It's gonna cause me tins of grief if i can't sort it out.

The VMs are shared networking and i have disabled the parallels ethernet connection in the network prefs on OS X. I have also have the mac minis using dhcp on the Wired ethernet connection en).

So the Mac mini gets it s IP address from the AD server.
The XP VM has got shared networking set
Since shared networking is used i disabled the parallels network and NAT ( the ones that give out 10.x.x.x range) in system prefs.

My VMs are connected to a domain and have their documents redirected.

I am using Parallels 5584 build on Leopard 10.5.2 and am also experiencing dropped network connections to the AD Server as well.

It can even be when in use and therefore group policy fails to be implemented.