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Mac Thread, Login Script/Launch Agent in Technical; I'm hoping that one of you guys has done this and can save my ass a little. I've created about ...
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    Login Script/Launch Agent

    I'm hoping that one of you guys has done this and can save my ass a little.
    I've created about 7 different login scripts for my mac network but none of them work exactly as they should.
    I'm trying to create a script that will merely connect 2 network shares (one afp and 1 smb) with the correct user permissions and display them on the desktop. Also need to create a logoff script that will clean up these mounts properly.

    Using loginhooks I can do all bar get the correct share permissions on afp.
    Using a launch agent works, but the logout/cleanup script doesn't work.

    Just wondering if anybody has got a script that i can rip-off. It's got to be a fairly common task, surely.



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    can you post the scripts?

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