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    Inepro Client for Macs

    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with an issue we're having. I'm not sure how 'normal' our setup is.
    We've got 20 iMacs on OSX 10.6.8 and a Mac server on 10.8.5. They are joined to our Windows network, with the Mac server there to lock them down using Workgroup Manager. We have a Konica Minolta printing solution in place on our network, using Inpro Client and Back Office, along with some stand alone networked printers. The iMacs were linked to one of these printers, but we've been asked to remove it and set them up on the new all in one Konicas, using the Inepro Software to keep track of what's being printed.
    I've been sent two sets of instructions and the 'IneproClient.app'. Here is the first set for setting up the configuration of the Inepro Client.

    "Inepro Client for Mac Setup

    Inepro for Mac automatic configuration for end users.

    There is no way for the Inepro Mac client to automatically receive the server configuration data in the same way as the windows client, so we must workaround this by pre populating the Inepro Client Preferences file with our configuration options before the Application launches.

    Setup a template configuration file.

    The Inepro Client Preferences is stored in /Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/ for every user, it contains a single line which specifies the server which Inepro Client should connect to, the file is not created until a user types in the address of the server they wish to connect to, to obtain a working copy of the file, you must manually run the Inepro Client on one user and set it up as desired, then copy the Inepro Client Preferences file out of their library.
    Note, the file has no extension and is stored in plain text, this is the only way Inepro will interpret the file.

    You can place the copied template file anywhere on your Macs local hard drive just as long as any user (privileged or not) can at least read from it. I’ve found it works best to place the file simply in the very top level of Macintosh HD. By default its accessible to everyone, and setting the permissions of the file should prevent people editing it. Also this location is easy to call in the logon script.

    Make Mac OS X copy the file into every users home directory upon logging in,
    then launch the Inepro Client Application, when copy is complete.

    To do this I created a simple login script which looks like this –

    echo 'Setting Server Prefs'
    rm ~/Library/Preferences/Inepro\ Client\ Preferences
    cp "/Inepro Client Preferences" ~/Library/Preferences
    sleep 2
    echo 'Starting Inepro Client'
    open "/Applications/IneproClient.app"

    Ignoring the echo commands, the first thing the script does is remove any existing
    copies of the Inepro Client Preferences File, otherwise, it will not overwrite the
    existing file when changes are made. The backwards slashes are used after each
    word before a space in paths which contain spaces, this is an alternative to
    surrounding the path with quotes.

    Then it will copy the template file from /Inero Client Preferences (the root of the hard
    drive) and places it into the current users home folder under ~/Library/Preferences,
    the tilde (~) character refers to the current logged in users home folder. The script
    then waits 2 seconds, which is a precautionary measure for our older (slower)
    PowerPC clients, to make sure they’ve got the file in place before attempting the
    launch the application. Lastly, the script then opens the IneproClient.app from the
    Applications folder.

    You should find that the Inepro Client will not ask for a server to use and rather than
    creating a new blank configuration file, think that its already created one and read
    the preferences from there.

    The logon script can created in nano using the terminal, or any other plain text editor.
    If the file is saved with the .sh extension it becomes a shell script which can be
    executed at logon. I’ve placed the script at the root of the Mac clients hard drive
    along with the template preferences file.

    Make the script run at login.

    The final step is to configure Workgroup manager to tell the clients to run this script at logon.
    Copy the template file and script file to your Mac OS X Server or Administrative computer where you are running workgroup manager into the same location as it is on the client mac.

    Then select the computer or user group you wish to apply the script to and under Preferences > Overview > Login > Scripts, change the manage radio button to “Always”, check the Login script box and browse to the location of your script file.

    Finally, click “Apply Now” and reboot your managed client, you should find that the script now runs at logon if you managed client is bound properly to your directory servers.

    Deploying and making changes to the configuration.

    Deploying the template file en-masse or making a change is easy with Apple Remote Desktop, simply select the computers you wish to target, click the “Copy” option and copy the template preferences file and script file to the location you have used throughout."

    This seems relatively straight forward and I've followed it to the letter. I've created the script and copied the preference file etc to the iMac's hard drive. I've set the script to run at login (using computer group, I can't set it to run via user. I'm assuming this is because they are windows AD groups), but the script doesn't appear to be working, as each time I open IneproClient from the dock, it asks me for an IP address. I don't know if the script is wrong, or something else. The server hard drive is called 'Server HD', iMac hard drive 'Mac HD'. I wondered if that made a difference; "Copy the template file and script file to your Mac OS X Server or Administrative computer where you are running workgroup manager into the same location as it is on the client mac.". Lastly, and possibly most crucially, our students and staff are Windows AD users. They have a 'network home' on a Windows 2008 R2 server. A link to this is on the dock. But will that script work copying the preferences to 'Library/Preferences' in their user areas? All students that use the iMacs have 'Library/Preferences' in their home directories, but the preferences file won't copy across with the script. If I copy it there manually, IneproClient reads it and picks up the user on the system.

    The next set of instructions is just setting up the print queue, but I need the software to work first.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I imagine it's just something simple with the script. But I know very little about OSX in particular and scripts in general.

    Thank you


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    I don't know if a moderator would like to close this or not?

    Issues now resolved. File copied to domain user areas on Windows PCs via GPO.


    Grey Fox

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