Hello all, Long time reader, first time poster on edugeek!

On one client garage band has suddenly stopped working and is producing the following error message "you dont have permission to use the application GarageBand. For you information, contact the person who set up your account."
The permissions are set in workgroup manager on our apple xserve and its working on every other client except one.
We have checked permissions in workgroup manager and on the application itself. We have uninstalled and reinstalled from the app store.
It works fine on the local admin account but any domain users it errors out.

Bit of background...
Clients are connected to OD and AD, permissions set up from OD.
Clients running osx version 10.7.5
GarageBand version 6.0.5
Apple server 10.7.5

Please help I have no idea what else to check.

Many thanks,