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Mac Thread, iMac - Ejecting CD in Technical; Hi, I have an iMac which is about 4-5 years old. Each time I put a CD in it, it ...
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    iMac - Ejecting CD


    I have an iMac which is about 4-5 years old. Each time I put a CD in it, it automatically ejects the CD out straight away. I have tried different CD's and still the same issue. I realised this when I tried to update the OS with a CD. Any idea how to overcome this issue????

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like a dodgy drive or even drive failure. If its the thick aluminium model, and you're feeling brave, crack the back off, and check the drive is clear and free of obstruction. Try inserting a disc with the back off, if you've got a clean room to run the machine in its bits. If all seems ok physically, then id suggest failure. there have been a few reports of these going home. you can often pick up replacements for not a lot of cash on ebay. Anything more than £50 is not worth it. Don't be tempted to by the apple usb superdrive though. I don't think it works on machines with built in drives.

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    Harry, given your other thread about this iMac, I think you have problems which are beyond the help of a forum! An authorised Apple Service centre is your best option.

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    With it being out of warranty from his comment ref it being 4 to 5 years old I very much doubt apple will do anything unless the OP is willing to spend money on an old iMac

    The other option is to look at how to take apart the imac in question and get replacement parts ie replacement hard drive and optical drive ( ensuring they are the correct type for said imac and that they will fit and work in said imac and then repair it him or herself

    you can use the likes of

    1) iMac Repair - iFixit
    2) Youtube - search on youtube with regards to repair or replace hard drive or repair and replace optical drive etc or whatever it is you want to replace / repair

    I think you can hold down certain keys ie eject or command and eject as it is trying to boot and that may make the cd eject, failing that may be able to use a paper clip to force the disc out.

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    I can confirm that the Apple branded USB Super drive does NOT work with optical drive equipped Macs. Generic USB drives will work fine and cost well under half the price.

    I had a similar issue to this on a early Intel iMac (circa 2007). I stripped it down using iFixIt guides and gave the drive a shake and a blast with compressed air. Its been rock solid since :-)


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