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Mac Thread, HIDE application icon? in Technical; Is this possible? Need to HIDE the virtualbox icon, have a scipt that will run it however, so i can't ...
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    HIDE application icon?

    Is this possible?

    Need to HIDE the virtualbox icon, have a scipt that will run it however, so i can't just stop it from being run with WG manager.

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    "Is this possible?"

    Yes. Assuming the Virtualbox app (and therefore its icon) is in the top level Applications folder launch Terminal and issue this command:

    sudo chflags hidden /Applications/VirtualBox.app

    At the prompt key in the local administrator's password which you won't see being typed.

    Remove the icon from the managed dock MCX in WorkGroup Manager assuming you haven't done this already? Using this method has added benefits you may not be aware of? If you're using ARD as part of your OS X suite of management tools you can send the command to all the macs you have and everything else you need to do with it will continue as before.

    To 'unhide' the app run this command:

    sudo chflags nohidden /Applications/VirtualBox.app

    IIRC VirtualBox was in its own folder? In which case the command should look like this:

    sudo chflags hidden /Applications/VirtualBox

    If there's a space in the folder name escape the name by using double quotes like this:

    sudo chflags hidden /Applications/"Virtual Box"

    When using ARD remove sudo when you send the command ". . . as root". This removes the need for providing the administrator's password.

    Antonio Rocco (ACN)
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