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Mac Thread, Setting up a scheduled task using a bash script in Technical; Is there a simple way of setting up a scheduled task on a Mac via the command line or a ...
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    Setting up a scheduled task using a bash script

    Is there a simple way of setting up a scheduled task on a Mac via the command line or a Bash script?

    Reason I ask is, since we've moved to Mavericks our Macs have a very annoying habit of buggering up their disk permissions. Only admin users have permission to access the /Applications folder. This means that all standard users see is a long line of question marks along the dock and they can't run any other apps either.

    Going into the disk utility and running Repair Permissions fixes this as does opening a terminal session and running "diskutil repairPermissions /" from a terminal session.

    So what I'd like to is to set up a scheduled task via a bash script to run "diskutil repairPermissions /" every Monday morning at 9.00 and to run the task if it gets missed because the machine is off. I don't care if it uses cron or launchd just so long as it works! I've tried looking online but I find the documentation for both to be inscrutable.



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    I think you need anacron for this. However, if you have Leopard and beyond "Leopard launchd will run skipped jobs when the machine is next awake." YMMV as I have not tested it actually does.

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    Just as I was doing this today, the manual alternative is to use (Apple) Remote Desktop.

    Select all machines.
    Manage->Send Unix Command.
    diskutil repairPermissions /
    (or use the template)->Send
    Once it's in your history you can just click retry.

    It tells you if it succeeds or not

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