Hello - I'm hoping someone can clarify for me the following situations.
First of all, lets establish hardware. Basically iPad version 2s on IOS 7 (and one Ipad Mini also on IOS 7). We are a secondary school on South Coast. Now we have our iPads under the control of Meraki MDM where it has some kind of Location based tracking. Our issue is this - once the offset is put in place for our particular broadband supplier, I have all of them allocated around our school - fair enough. Now when they go home and connect to their respective broadband suppliers, the Meraki dashboard shows them to be located nowhere near where they are actually. Take, for example. a teacher who lives 5 miles from the school, which is central Southern England along the coast between Portsmouth and Brighton. Now the iPad is showing as just outside Worcester, which is around 150 miles away...all i can think of is that it has something to do with where the home broadband is based. Is this true?
Secondly, I have been trying to establish a more accurate location based system in order to track the movements of our iPads and have tried using 'Find My iPhone'. It is said that it works for iPads as well - but, it is only useful if the device is 'cellular' enabled. My understanding is that, while our iPads are not cellular and are locked (as stated in a policy from Meraki) - no entry can be gained by the thief, therefore no connectivity to broadband, so no connectivity to iCloud for the purpose of location data. Whereas, if they are 'cellular', then they are actively seeking out cells for connection even while locked and so get triangulated for location purposes to iCloud - am I right in my thinking so far....?
It almost means that you have to disable the screen lock, so it tricks the thief into connecting to his/her broadband and so reveal its whereabouts as it will connect to iCloud - which probably won't happen. Now the other side to this is and correct me if I'm wrong, if the screen is locked and 'Find My iPhone/iPad' is enabled on the device, therefore an Apple ID is associated with iCloud, that even if the thief has the device and does a hard reset, it will still ask for the Apple ID password, so the thief is up a blind alley, so to speak...and useless to him...but this still does not help with location tracking as it won't seek out broadband HotSpots in order to get a location fix, so again useless.
Is there an app out there that can seek Open broadband HotSpots so as to 'act' a little like cellular operation? or am I pipe dreaming? What is the solution...? Or am I missing something...?
A slightly confused IT Support Technician.