Hi guys,

The mac network in our school is growing quickly, and at the moment we currently have 1 Mac Pro Server and a Mac Mini that essentially acts as a backup replicating files from one RAID drive to the other. The reason for my post is to see if there is anyone out there who is using , or knows how to, set up redundancy on file shares. For example, if we were to buy another Mac Pro Server and connect it to the same RAID array (as we have the capacity for this), I know that we could set it up as a OD replica to provide user preferences, but how would we get the shares to "switch" from one server to the other in the event of a system failure? By this, I mean there are mounted drives for a shared area that point to server 01, and if server 01 was to fail the connection is lost.

Would it be possible to do some sort of DNS round robin trick here to create the equivalent of a farm and then point the mounted drive to come from the farm rather than one particular server? The reason I ask this is because if our server has a bit of a panic attack, users can no longer login as they are using network home folders on server 01. My thinking on round robin has been inspired by the Terminal Server farms you can create, and that if one server fails the other should still respond right....?

Grateful for any responses even if it turns out im barking up the wrong tree entirely!