Hi all,

I am trying to create a metapackage to install all additional Logic/Garageband content for our Macs at the school I work in. There are around 20 packages already that I am trying to put into one big package installer to make my life a lot easier when using Remote Desktop to install said package.

I have been trying to use PackageMaker to do this but unfortunately whenever I drag a package into the program it only shows up as a "?" instead of a package file. This happens with all these packages, however it doesn't happen with other packages I have on my computer.

No data appears to get put into the package when I create it if the "?" is there. Only a reference of the package.

I have also tried Iceberg for Mac and had the same problem except on Iceberg it does not allow me to drag any of these packages in at all.

It should also be noted that the packages don't give me the option to show additional contents, although I know they install to Library/Application support.

I have checked the install contents using pacifist and then also attempted to install the folders inside the packages using packagemaker, but this just seems to crash my machine.

There must be an easier way to install multiple packages without this hassle, any answers?