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I would suggest the same as MicrodigitUK and check that push notifications can be received in our environment. This link >> Push Diagnostics will help you easily confirm that. Hopefully it's available on the UK Mac App Store.

I wish you luck Profile Manager for me is a bear to keep running smoothly. It's very cranky most days. The last several weeks we've been having internet issues and it's not been fun, active tasks that pile up into the thousands, no pushes and it takes several refreshes to actually load the administration portal. I'm dumping it for Puppet or localmcx or another MDM provider.
Thanks for the program , says our PUSH notifications were ok

Seems our problem was NOT us . Turns out the New Mac Server APP 3.1.1 build that was released a few days ago has now fixed ALL our problems and we are now deploying to AD users and Groups

Thanks all for your help