I think i need a little help now.

I have installed and run 40 macs (25 iMacs Intel, 15 Macbooks) in an AD integrated domain structure with an Xserver and XRAID at the heart of the OD side.

I had problems running it like this and was also using local home dirs at the same time. The problems were that the Managed prefs were not getting to the clients although all the lookups seemed to be working fine.

I have since upgraded the switch to a gigabit switch and moved the OS X domain to a stand-alone domain. I have named the Kerberos Realm to the same as the AD domains and have been told that i should not have done that.

I would like to know what implications would be.

I have looked into the cross-realm authentication but feel that the primary kids (of not the staff more so) would find it difficult to understand the need to keep switching domains.

Where can i go from here. I would have preferred an AD-OD integration but had issues with the setup, such as not being able to automount home folders as i could not see the OD, and mail services were a bit problematic with authentication.

Since then i have brought in my G5 from home and installed a second copy of Server to act as a replica. Would it be worth trying the AD-OD integration now i have a second server in the mix?

How have many of you who have deployed macs into your schools dealt with the home dirs problem?

I would like to get the XP clients to use the XRAID and osx home folders as well.

I did this at home in a personal setup and all went fine. Just not here where there are more users at once.

Kingswood kindly helped me along at the beginning but now i am wondering where i should go next.

If anymore info is needed then please just ask.

Hope you can help someone in need (again).