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Mac Thread, workgroup manager error message in Technical; Hello, when trying to add any preferrences to one of our groups and press 'apply now' i keep getting the ...
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    workgroup manager error message


    when trying to add any preferrences to one of our groups and press 'apply now' i keep getting the following message below:

    Error while saving record "WIRRALGSB\ALL STAFF":
    An invalid attribute type was provided

    can anyone help please?

    Thanks Lee

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    The error you see is usually associated with trying to write Managed Preferences (or MCX) to an Active Directory Group. When viewing the Active Directory node/directory in WorkGroup Manager you have read only access.

    Another possibility is DNS (as always). Check the server can resolve itself on both forward and reverse pointers. You should also try and avoid the use of .local for the domain suffix. I should point out it's not impossible to work with .local although it's better if you avoid it if you can. It can be made to work but don't be surprised if you see problems.

    Antonio Rocco (ACSA)

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    In order to manage the preferences of AD users and Groups you must add them to OD Groups.

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