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Mac Thread, Firefox deployment in Technical; Hi All Long time no post, and new into the Mac side of things on here..., though I have managed ...
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    Firefox deployment

    Hi All

    Long time no post, and new into the Mac side of things on here..., though I have managed Macs on systems before.

    The background - we now have 25 macs on our system, managed by Centrify. All is good - except for the broken kerberos in Safari with our proxy. Therefore, we have swapped to Firefox, which once configured works fine. Now - ive seen bits and pieces about adding a .cfg to the Package Content, and editting/adding .js files

    Configuring Firefox for Deployment

    But, no joy. It either wont launch anymore saying error in the package (in the case of the consumer release); or it just doesnt apply anything (in the esr release). Any ideas on how I can get a centralised config - since it doesnt play by plist files either! We do have ARD, so once Ive got the package content right, we can through it out with that.

    Thanks in advance

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    Using the .cfg file is the way to go for sure (I just did the same thing last month on our setups to deploy it). Check your permissions on the cfg and js files and make sure you are pointing at the appropriate cfg file and it should work.

    Try these instructions, I think this is what I used:

    Firefox default settings revisited | Managing OS X

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