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Mac Thread, WOL/Power off in Technical; Hi, I need to set our suite of macs to turn off at a certain time (after school closes) & ...
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    WOL/Power off

    Hi, I need to set our suite of macs to turn off at a certain time (after school closes) & then to turn on again in the morning (before school starts) Anyone have any recommendations on how to go about this?

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    It used to be back in 10.6 in energy saver in prefrences. The mac can be scheduled for turn on. I think you can also shutdown. I haven't been near macs in quite a while.

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    Workgroup Manager or Profile Manager will allow you to manage this. Scheduling can be done for what days and when to power off and power on. They do need to be bound with authentication for this to work i.e. a computer object needs to be present in Open Directory. Third Party MDM's might allow you to do this as well.

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