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Mac Thread, Interesting issue in Technical; Hi All, Nice interesting issue for you to digest on a Tuesday morning. All of our macs were originally connected ...
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    Interesting issue

    Hi All,

    Nice interesting issue for you to digest on a Tuesday morning.

    All of our macs were originally connected to RM Smartcache for their filtering with the proxy settings added into each mac etc etc i had also propagated settings through profile manager to disallow settings like network, users etc to all the macs.

    Our smartchache is now down and unable to be bought back up again and therefore i ened to remove these settings to allow internet access however this cant be achieved as a profile is on there blocking it and as the macs now cant see the server i cant think of any way to get the new profile on the mac to release these settings meaning basically the only way around i can work out is to wipe each mac and start a fresh (something i dont want to have to do)

    I have tried copying a new profile from the server onto usb and manually adding it however it wont as it says restrictions are in place from the administrator. Does anyone know a may to get round restrictions set by the server manually on the client? or have any other ideas i could try

    Many thanks

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    Build a quick proxy server on something like dansguardian,clearos,untabgle,pfsense,endian,

    stick it on the old smartcache IP and your more or less sorted.


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