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Mac Thread, Golden Triangle / spinning wheel of death / Imovie in Technical; Hi Guys Hoping you can help. We are running a mac network (115) Snow Leapord 10.6.8 with a Mac server ...
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    Golden Triangle / spinning wheel of death / Imovie

    Hi Guys

    Hoping you can help. We are running a mac network (115) Snow Leapord 10.6.8 with a Mac server running the same. We are using Golden triangle so that the users authenticate with AD we are having issues with the spinning wheel of death when people are using Imovie all the machines have 4gb and all users have the required Movies folder on thier Windows home folders.
    This is not working for the school and they are starting to complain about the speed of the Mac Network. I have to sit down with all concerned next week to figure out what we are going to do I was thinking :

    Remove the Mac system from AD all together so run two diffrernt networks that way the users are saving to a Mac Drive which will hopefully speed things up. Increase the storage in the server currently 500Gb with the possbility of upgrading all together server currently is 2.53 Core2 with 4gb. Instal Imovie 11 instead of Imovie 9.

    Just looking for Idea's on what you guys would do ?

    Thanks in Advance

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    iMovie doesn't play with network home folders, from our experience. We ended up directing casual users to the basic functionality of Garageband for this, and Media were bought some FW800 portable HDDs to work on projects, which works really well. Your server speed shouldn't be any issue - it's the same problem with Logic and Pro Tools over the network.

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