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Mac Thread, anyone got imovie working on an apple network in Technical; Hi All This is my last ditch attempt to get imovie working on our apple mac network. Each user has ...
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    anyone got imovie working on an apple network

    Hi All

    This is my last ditch attempt to get imovie working on our apple mac network. Each user has there own user account, we are using a mac server (clients and server are both mountain lion) storing users home drives on a fibre san. I have managed to get imovie to see network shares but it still wont allow me to save event data to the users network home drives. Does anyone have any advice that might help? we dont want to sync home drives down to the local machines it must be all networked data.


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    We have tried multiple times, with a setup similar to yours but Windows, and the answer is "No". There was always something that didn't work. Eventually we made each kid go back to the same computer to logon and do their work - the accounts kept the data separate. We then backed-up over the netwrok incase something happened and the machine needed to be re-imaged.

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    I have had iMovie working successfully in a networked environment (Open Directory and/or Active Directory) at a number of sites. Perhaps there's something about your network and/or your configuration that is not quite right? Contact me privately if you wish and perhaps I may be able to help?

    Antonio Rocco (ACSA)

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    Works fine here.

    Just double check that each user has a folder on the root of their homedrive called "Movies". iMovie doesn't always automatically create this and it's just a matter of creating it before you use iMovie for the first time.

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